Greenscape Bulk Landscaping Materials

At Greenscape USA we provide local area residents and businesses with a convenient location for bulk material needs. With a quality stock of materials such as mulch, soil, and gravel; we have what you need!!

Our trained staff can assist you in selecting the correct material and the amount needed to finish the job.

So weekend warriors and busy contractors, call Greenscape USA for all your bulk
needs! With a staffed yard and delivery options, we are here to to help keep your project on time.

How it all works - Deliveries

Everything purchased from Greenscape USA bulk can be delivered to just about anywhere in northeast Ohio!

Minimum ONE YARD for delivery. Must place a separate order if buying more than one bulk product. If more than one delivery is required, customer may be charged additional delivery charges.

$2/Mile delivery charge. $10 MINIMUM on all deliveries. Delivery mileage calculated from yard address.

Example: Delivery that totals 4 miles ROUND TRIP will incur a $10 delivery charge. Delivery that totals 12 miles ROUND TRIP will incur a $24 delivery charge.

Deliveries are completed within 5 days of order date.



All Purpose Top Soil

$29.99 yd
  • Rich screened blend; used for garden and lawn installations

Black Mulch

$29.99 yd
  • Dark black in color; shredded 2.5 times

Brown Mulch

$29.99 yd
  • Rich brown/dyed; shredded 2.5 times

#34 Gravel

$39.99 yd
  • 1.5" to 2.5" smooth round surface; earth tones; used for waterproofing, roofing, animal beds, and decorative landscaping

#57 Gravel

$39.99 yd
  • 3/8" to 1.25"; earth tones; smooth round surface; used for waterproofing, animal beds, and decorative landscaping

#57 Limestone

$39.99 yd
  • 3/8" to 1.25" rough stone; used for parking lot or driveway bases or as a top coat on existing stone driveways

#10 Limestone

$39.99 yd
  • Excellent for paver and retaining wall bases

#304 Recycled

$13.99 yd
  • Up to 2.5" sized pieces of crushed concrete; used for drive/road base/site development

Concrete Sand

$34.99 yd
  • Crushed & washed sand; no large pebbles; used as a base under pools and pavers

#8 Pea/Wash Gravel

$39.99 yd
  • 1/4" to 1/2" earth tones; ideal to retain soil moisture and control erosion in gardens, pathways, and landscape accents